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About Phonito Security

Phonito Security is dedicated to removing vulnerabilities from the world. We work with open source vendors and private companies to remove vulnerabilities from Docker images to help keep people safe.

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Detect Vulnerabilities In An Instant

Image Critical High Medium Low
my-app 5 2 3 4
mysql 0 1 2 0
nodejs : latest 3 0 1 3
  • See the vulnerabilities you didnt know you had
  • Automate detection in you CI/CD pipeline
  • Automatically re-scan running containers
  • Rest assured your customers are safe

CLI & Pipeline Scanning

As well as monitoring running containers, Phonito can be used to scan a container from the command line.

  • Check OS vulnerabilities in the container
  • Detect any vulnerable NodeJS packages
  • Fail builds that contain vulnerabilities

Why Use Phonito?

We provide the simplest way for you to make sure there are no vulnerabilites in your containers

How It Works

Install Phonito on your server or in your cluster and we'll get right to work.

Phonito checks your images against our database of hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities.

We'll also collect metrics about CPU and memory usage so you can make sure everything is working how its supposed to.

We'll never copy or send your images to our servers.

Protect Yourself & Your Customers With Phonito Security

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